Do You Want To Make Money With Adsense Account?

Buy Adsense Account because advertising on Google is one of the most common methods to get money online, but at least in my case the figures are scarce (very, very rare), although it may be that things are better for you. At the moment, Google AdSense advertising pays me for one of the (branded) diaper packs my pussy catches a month.

What a pity for life! As you can see, I’m still light years of getting rich with the blog. Thank goodness that the satisfactions I get with this hobby are of another type! Because if not, the time of dedication that requires of course is not paid with the income that I get.

How to make money online with Google AdSense.

It has a very simple operation, first buy adsense account and you should have a Gmail account, in a few minutes you can create a Google AdSense profile, design a banner (genre) and locate it anywhere on your blog.Of course, you need to have your own hosting, because at least does not allow you to install these text codes necessary for advertising. In addition, there are specific plugins that help you manage the ad space you want to be sponsored by Google AdSense, so in a very visual and with 4 clicks you can already have your ads working and with great luck generating income! My AdSense ads are those in the header of the blog, the bottom of the page and one of the squares of the side banners.

Pay per click and impressions.

One good thing about Google AdSense is that it pays you both the visits and the clicks your readers make on advertising banners (and that for me are very few, a misery.) And I understand it, because I’m not clicking on other people’s ads either. Unless they are offering at the moment a product that really interests me). The price per click will depend on what the advertisers pay, the topic that is spoken in the post and the visits made by each user.

My highest income comes from paying for every 1,000 unique visitors to the blog. It is said, according to an urban legend circulating in forums about how to monetize a blog, that Google AdSense will pay you around 0.70 cents per 1.


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