Awesome Modules, So You Can Lean Back, Watch And Cash In

Module 1: Top gurus reveal the well kept secrets of discovering the absolute best and most profitable niches. On ClickBank or any other site, success depends on the products you are selling. For the first time, you’ll get the inside track on every single niche that can triple your income (this information has never been available and you won’t find it in any other place!)

Module 2: An extremely valuable guide that walks you through each part of choosing a webhosting company and the domain name for your website. Unlike what you might have heard, not all webhosts are the same, and some can be very costly if you don’t know what to look for. I’ll provide the tips and tricks to finding the right host and domain for your situation (including the essential criteria you should be using when you develop every site!)

Module 3: Autoresponders and List Building 101. If you’re like me, you want a system that will run itself and requires the least amount of work possible. Setting up a quality autoresponder on your site isn’t difficult, as long as you know the correct way to do it and what to avoid. (Learning to unleash your automatic sales machine is easy!)

Module 4: Why Landing Pages can make or break your sales conversions, and how to get a non-stop 24/7 cash generator for free! You don’t have to pay to have great web copy for your landing pages, and it’s much better (and more effective) to have them written at no charge!

Module 5: Creating a product on ClickBank. For a lot of people, the mystery of making an original product can be the toughest challenge of establishing an online business. With all of the tools you will be given, your first product will be ready to reach the top of sales mountain in no time (and you’ll also see how to hire a web designer for next to nothing if you prefer to have the product made for you!)

Module 6: Graphics for your product and why they need to stand out. It’s not enough to have a marketable product, you need to present it in a way that talks to your customers. And what will it be saying to them? “Buy me, buy me!” The more impressive and irresistible your product is, the more sales you will get (and that’s the whole idea!)


Module 7: Joint Venture Sign Up Pages. Why spend all of that time doing online promotion when you can have armies of people doing it for you? Relax and let your JV Page sign up tons of new people who are ready to sell your product and explode your bottom line! (Your JV page must have these elements in order to take your sales into the stratosphere!)

Module 8: How to recruit JV partners. Finding people that can help increase your profits takes a lot of preparation. I will make sure that you are well equipped to assemble a team of JVs that understand how to drive unlimited traffic to your site on a daily basis (and convert visitors to sales!)

Module 9: Formula X JV Tricks to locating JVs, as well as affiliates, and why the wrong people can reverse the process you’ve started! Unfortunately, too many internet marketers make the mistake of allowing unprofessional people represent their products. Don’t let this happen to you! With just a few tips on where to look, you’ll be finding qualified JVs and affiliates (and they’ll be finding you!)

Module 10: Being a JV. See how to simplify the idea of being an affiliate and raking in huge commissions with long-term relationships and successful partners. (Hint: You won’t need to work on your people skills, just remember some basic rules!)

Module 11: Secret Launch Formula. Everything in the course has led up to this! You’re product is ready to be launched, and you need to make sure it is done right! When you know the secret formula, you’ll not only launch your product like a pro, you’ll set the foundation for a business that will grow and grow exponentially (with no stopping in sight!)

Module 12: Think launching your product is the end? Think again! After the launch, there are numerous things you should be aware of, and several actions are needed to ensure your continued success. (Note: if you don’t follow up with these steps, you risk cutting your earnings by up to half as much!)


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